Organització Catalana de Trasplantaments (OCATT)

logotipo de la OCATT en web ITRT

Tissue and cell safety is ensured by the application of legally binding exhaustive quality guidelines. Biovigilance is the detection, reporting and recording of incidents, effects and adverse reactions that may result from any of the processes required to ensure the viability of tissues and/or cells for therapeutic use. Each autonomous region in Spain has its own registry, which in Catalonia is governed by the Catalan Transplant Organisation (OCATT). It ensures that suitable corrective measures are taken in accordance with the significance of the adverse event. The information generated and any corrective action taken is sent to the registry of the Ministry of Health and to the Spanish Transplant Organisation (ONT). The role of the ONT is to collate information from all over Spain to send to the European biovigilance registry, to ensure the provision of safe tissue and cells for transplant to donor recipients and responsible physicians.

Última actualización: 25/10/2019