ITRT Rheumatology

ITRT image: Shoulder injection

There are more than 250 rheumatic diseases in total, many of which have a localised mechanical effect on the body's various structures. These are known asdegenerative diseases, the most well-known of which is osteoarthritis, which affects one or numerous joints and progressively destroys the joint tissue. As their name suggests, with the other rheumatic or autoimmune diseases, the patient's own defences not only attack the musculoskeletal system, but also the patient's organs (heart, lungs, etc.). This can cause severe synovial joint inflammation that can destroy the joint itself.

Rheumatologists are medical specialists trained to diagnose and treat these diseases. ITRT's research group is a multidisciplinary team, comprising accredited and experienced rheumatologists, whose knowledge is available to patients.    



Última actualización: 15/04/2019