Sports Medicine

Dr Angel Ruiz Cotorro C Mapfre Tenis - ITRT

Dr. Ángel Ruíz Cotorro

Sport is one of the best ways to enjoy an active lifestyle and improve individual health. Although there is always the risk of sustaining an injury, the benefits of sport are always considered to outweigh the drawbacks.

Medicine for Physical Education and Sport, commonly known as Sports Medicine, offers a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic options to both professional and amateur sports men and women alike who sustain injuries from participation in physical exercise and sport. If you suffer a sports injury, ITRT offers a diagnostic and therapeutic service run by accredited healthcare professionals with experience in the treatment of sports injuries, specialising in stem cell therapy. ITRT uses state-of-the-art technology and actively collaborates with Centro Médico Teknon specialists to offer the latest treatments and personalised consultation and healthcare, to ensure the quickest possible recovery time and return to sporting action and the best possible conditions.

Última actualización: 14/11/2018