Cell Therapy and Tissue Engineering in Spinal Diseases: A Perspective
14th National Neuro-spinal Conference
Almería. 5-7 March 2014.
Peripheral nerve regeneration with mesenchymal stem cells. An ovine clinical trial
10th Conference of the Spanish Society of Orthopaedics and Traumatology Research (INVESCOT)
Santiago de Compostela. 31 January - 1 February 2014
Use of Mesenchymal Cells in Osteoarticular Disease
12th Clínica CEMTRO INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM on "Advances and Developments in Traumatology and Orthopaedics"
Madrid 22-23 November 2013
Treatment of osteoarthritis with stem cells. State of the Art
9th Annual Conference entitled PAIN IS AVOIDABLE
Valencian Foundation of Advanced Studies
"Ageing and Pain: Research and Therapeutic Alternatives"
Emerging Proposals for pain control and improved quality of life
Valencia, 18 November 2013
PRP and Stem Cells
Meeting of Pain Experts
Teknon's Pain Clinic and Latin American Experts
Centro Médico Teknon
Barcelona, 14 November 2013
Bone-forming cells. Cell Cultures
Round Table: Limb reconstruction and bone defects. "orthobiologics" and surgical techniques.
9th Conference of the Spanish Society of External Fixation (SEFEX)
Barcelona. 1 October 2013
Cell Therapy. Basic Science. Experience and Results
2nd CONFERENCE on Biological Therapies in Traumatology
5 July 2013. Málaga.
What is PRP? Biological Effects of Growth Factors
2nd CONFERENCE on Biological Therapies in Traumatology
5 July 2013. Málaga.
New Therapies
7th Teknon Pain Clinic Scientific Conference
Multidisciplinary Approach to Pain and Opioid Developments
7 June 2013. Barcelona
Cell Therapy
17th Course of the Spanish Association of Football Team Physicians (AEMEF)
3-4 June. Bilbao
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