Cell Therapy Clinical Trials. Towards a Spanish model

Red TERCEL course. Instituto de Salud Carlos III.
Dir: J Mª Moraleda, D García Olmo.
Carlos III Spanish National Cardiovascular Research Centre. CNIC.
Madrid. December 2009 (abstract downloadable from this website's documents).

Partner Groups Session

Red TERCEL Meeting and Cell Therapy Course.
Pamplona. University of Navarre.
November 2009.

Clinical Application of Mesenchymal Cells: Regulatory Framework

8th International Symposium entitled "Advances and Developments in Traumatology and Orthopaedics".
Dir: Prof. Pedro Guillén.
Madrid. Clínica CEMTRO. November 2009.

Advanced Traumatology Therapies

3rd Annual Tissue Bank Conference.
Barcelona. November 2009.

Progenitor Cells of Expanded Bone Marrow. Application in Orthopaedics

In "Orthopaedics and Traumatology Refresher Course"
Dir. Javier Vaquero. Hospital Gregorio Marañón.
Madrid. November 2009.

Round Table: Cell Therapy. Clinical implications

22nd Conference of the Spanish Society of Clinical Pharmacology and 27th Meeting of Portuguese Clinical Pharmacology.
Badajoz. October 2009.

PRP in sport. Indications and technique
In the course: "Interventional ultrasound in sport".
Org. AEMEF-Cl.FIATC; Dir. R. Balius. Clínica FIATC.
Barcelona. October 2009.
PRP in sports injuries. Therapeutic expectations of stem cells

Catalan Society of Sports Medicine. Acadèmia de Ciències Mèdiques. Barcelona. October 2009.

Regeneration of the intervertebral disc by means of MSV

In the "Conference of the Spanish Society of Gene and Cell Therapy", Granada. September-October 2009.

Expanded stem cells and PRP in bone and cartilage regeneration

BIOBRIDGE. The Regenerative Medicine Conference. Sitges. 15 May 2009.

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