ITRT scientific publication: Peripheral nerve regeneration

Células madre en nervio periférico ITRT

The international scientific journal "Injury", founded in 1969 and published by Elsevier Ltd., has published the results of a study investigating peripheral nerve regeneration with mesenchymal stem cells.

The ovine clinical trial, sponsored by ITRT and EGARSAT, was conducted at the Autonomous University of Barcelona's Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. The cells were processed by LAGENBIO at the University of Zaragoza's Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.

"Peripheral nerve regeneration after experimental section in ovine radial and tibial nerves using synthetic nerve grafts, including expanded bone marrow mesenchymal cells: morphological and neurophysiological results."
J Casañas; J de la Torre; F Soler; F García; C Rodellar; M Pumarola; J Climent; R Soler Rich; Ll Orozco
Injury, Int. J. Care Injured 45 S4 (2014) s2-S6

Última actualización: 14/11/2018