Titulo Jornada Terapia Celular, web ITRT

On 25 October, the Instituto Universitario Quirón–Dexeus hosted a conference on "Thoracolumbar Fractures and Mesenchymal Therapy in Column Disease", led by Prof. E. Cáceres. ITRT - Institute for Regenerative Medicine, gave a presentation entitled “Cell Therapy in Disc Degeneration”, covering the basic principles of this application and the latest stem cell therapy follow-...

Reunión MuscleTech Network 2013

The 5th Annual Meeting of the MuscleTech Network was held on 13 and 14 October.  The meeting was led by Dr Gil Rodas and organised by FC Barcelona and Leitat Technological Centre, in collaboration with the Barcelona Football Club Foundation and the Leo Messi Foundation.

MuscleTech Network promotes research and communication amongst scientists and professionals...

Titular Revista JOF

Very good informative article about stem cells in issue no. 12 of the Journal Of Feelsynapsis (JOF). Elena Campos and José Antonio López Guerrero (JAL), researchers at the "Severo Ochoa" Centre for Molecular Biology, explain some of the keys to understanding the behaviour of mesenchymal stem cells and how to handle them in the laboratory. (...

Informe de la AEMPS sobre el Uso del PRP, web ITRT Teknon

Report in PDF format by the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Medical Devices on the use of Platelet-rich Plasma. Publication date: 23 May 2013.

Resolución de la AEMPS sobre el PRP. Estudio ITRT

Spanish Agency of Medicines and Medical Devices Resolution in PDF format establishing the non-replacement therapeutic use classification of autologous plasma and its fractions, components or derivatives, as a medicinal product for human use to address particular requirements.

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