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Diario Marca reportaje ITRT
On 18 June 2013, the sports newspaper MARCA published an article about ITRT's scientific work in the application of stem cell therapy to sports-related injuries that are difficult to treat. The article can be downloaded in PDF format from this website.
El Periodico. Terapia Celular en artrosis
The 22 February issue of the Periódico de Catalunya newspaper reported the results of the Clinical Trial sponsored by Xcelia, the Advanced Therapies Unit of Barcelona's Blood and Tissue Bank (BST).   The results, development and clinical application of the cell-based medicinal product Xcel-m-condro-alfa, administered by the ITRT team to patients at Centro Médico Teknon - Grupo Hospitalario Quirón, were presented on 21 February.   With the financial backing of the Spanish Ministry...
Feature by José Antonio López Guerrero on the Spanish National Radio, Radio 5 programme "In the Laboratory", concerning the application of stem cell therapy in the treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee.   "Entre Probetas" is a Radio 5 programme with a potential audience of up to 10 million listeners. In little more than two minutes, he describes in his characteristically casual but direct tone, the key aspects of biology, covering medicine, technology and other...
ITRT  células madre, artículo en La Vanguardia
Article about the "Institute for Regenerative Medicine" - ITRT in the Biotechnology supplement of the "La Vanguardia" newspaper published on 28 October 2013 (advert). Downloadable in PDF format.
lola plaza y jose antonio lopez RNE
"Eureka" is a daily programme on RNE's [Spanish National Radio] Radio Exterior de España (a Spanish international radio station) with a potential audience of up to 30 million listeners, which brings Spanish science and technology to all corners of the globe. During the programme broadcast on 17 October, commemorating the anniversary of the death of Santiago Ramón y Cajal, Lola Plaza and Jose Antonio López Guerrero interviewed Dr Lluís Orozco, Scientific Director of ITRT, about the...
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