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Tratamiento artrosis de rodilla con células madre
The article, written by the scientific journalist Josep Corbella and published in the "La Vanguardia" newspaper (Barcelona) on 25 May 2013, reports the positive results of trials conducted by ITRT and the IBGM (Institute for Biology and Molecular Genetics) investigating the treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee with adult stem cells; results that were first published in the online version of the scientific journal "Transplantation".
Tratamiento de artrosis de rodilla con células madre - Nota de Prensa del Instit
The Instituto de Salud Carlos III, an autonomous body affiliated with the Ministry of Finance, issued a press release announcing the publication of the positive results of an initial study conducted by the multidisciplinary research team of the TerCel Cell Therapy network, which includes members of IBGM of Valladolid and ITRT (Institute for Regenerative Medicine), in collaboration with EGARSAT and CETIR. The article published in the scientific journal "Transplantation" reports on the...
Dr. Robert Soler regenaración de cartílago
Dr Robert Soler, from Cassà de la Selva, is Medical Director of the team from the Institute for Regenerative Medicine (ITRT), based at the Teknon clinic in Barcelona. He and his colleague, Dr Lluís Orozco, successfully regenerated cartilage and bone tissue using stem cells from the patients themselves; a feat that is a world-first. Download the article (in Catalan):
Células Madre para acelerar la recuperación. El Periódico 23 julio 2012
Article in the "El Periódico" newspaper on the satisfactory results obtained by ITRT, in collaboration with EGARSAT, from the application of adult stem cells in the field of occupational disease.
ITRT noticia de El Periódico de Catalunya
Dr Robert Soler and Dr Lluís Orozco, together with all the team at Barcelona's Institute for Regenerative Medicine (ITRT), have successfully reconstructed vertebral discs with stem cells. The ITRT team successfully regenerated the eroded disc tissue of 40 patients that caused lower back pain. All procedures were conducted using cell culture from the bone marrow of the patients themselves.
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