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ITRT noticia en La Vanguardia
The Institute for Regenerative Medicine (ITRT) has successfully used stem cell therapy to regenerate bones and cartilage. Doctors recognise that they do not understand how stem cells function, but according to Dr Robert Soler, ITRT Medical Director, these cells work. With the collaboration of Dr Lluís Orozco, ITRT has established itself as one of the pioneering centres in mesenchymal stem cell therapy for bone regeneration in patients with maxillary atrophy. The ITRT team presents the first...
Pepa Fdez. RNE
PODCAST. Recording of Pepa Fernández's interview with Dr Lluís Orozco on the RNE (Spanish National Radio) programme "Not just another day"
Nota Prensa ICIII, teapia celular ITRT Teknon
Press release issued by the Instituto de Salud Carlos III announcing the publication of the clinical trial results investigating intervertebral disc regeneration with MSV, bone marrow progenitor cells cultured at the Institute for Biology and Molecular Genetics and applied by ITRT at Centro Médico Teknon. (September 2011).
artículo sobre factores de crecimiento
Article published on the el website, MundoSalud, about the therapeutic potential of platelet-rich plasma.  
Medicina e innovación del ITRT
Bone marrow stem cells have yielded good results in vertebral disc regeneration. Bone marrow stem cell therapy applied to the musculoskeletal system is already being used in clinical practice. Evidence of this can be seen in the high therapeutic efficacy to date of vertebral disc regeneration therapy. This is being conducted by ITRT - Institute for Regenerative Medicine at Centro Médico Teknon in Barcelona, in partnership with the Institute for Biology and Molecular Genetics of the University...
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