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Revista REFERENT, articulo ITRT sobre Terapia Celular
ITRT article in the REFERENT journal: "from the laboratory to the market", "the example of ITRT and adult stem cells". The article reports on the requirements and sequence of procedures that must be adhered to and followed in cell therapy.
Manuel Seara RNE, entrevista a ITRT  Teknon
Interview between Manuel Seara and Dr Lluís Orozco. Podcast of the RNE programme "On the shoulders of giants"
RSNA Congress in Chicago
Dr Joan Carles Vilanova, director of Clínica Girona's Magnetic Resonance Imaging Centre and member of the ITRT clinical trial research team investigating treatment of ostearthritis of the knee with stem cells, gave a presentation at the RSNA annual meeting in Chicago entitled "MRI T2 mapping with clinical correlation in the treatment of knee osteoarthritis with autologous mesenchymal stem cells: A pilot study". He described the non-invasive procedure designed by ITRT to...
Última actualización: 14/11/2018