Press conference at the RSNA Annual Meeting in Chicago

RSNA Congress in Chicago

Dr Joan Carles Vilanova, director of Clínica Girona's Magnetic Resonance Imaging Centre and member of the ITRT clinical trial research team investigating treatment of ostearthritis of the knee with stem cells, gave a presentation at the RSNA annual meeting in Chicago entitled "MRI T2 mapping with clinical correlation in the treatment of knee osteoarthritis with autologous mesenchymal stem cells: A pilot study". He described the non-invasive procedure designed by ITRT to assess cartilage response to the injection of specific doses of mesenchymal stem cells in osteoarthritic joints. The procedure uses CartiGram software by General Electric to non-invasively analyse 88 areas of each treated knee.

The presentation was of such great interest that it featured on the front cover of the conference newsletter distributed to the thousands of participants.
Última actualización: 14/11/2018