Stem Cells Research

Clinical Trials with Stem Cells in ITRT

Photo ITRT-BST: Bone marrow progenitor cells in culture

Stem cells have the ability to multiply indefinitely and develop into cells particular to different tissues, for example, bone or  cartilage.

Cells with these characteristics are found in umbilical cord blood, amniotic fluid and in all tissues of the adult human body, including the heart and brain, and for this reason are often called adult stem cells. Their number decreases with age but, theoretically, they are inexhaustible. Scientifically, there is great interest in their potential  therapeutic application in injuries which need the generation of this type of tissue, especially those resistant to standard treatments.

ITRT uses products derived from adult stem cells for cartilage regeneration in cases of osteoarthritis and intervertebral disc degeneration and for bone regeneration in cases of pseudarthrosis  and osteonecrosis of the femur head.

Over 500 patients have been treated as part of clinical trials or personalised treatments approved and supervised by the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Medical Devices (AEMPS). Results have been very satisfactory, thus providing the impetus to continue research into this therapeutic option.

Última actualización: 14/11/2018