Nerve (ovine model)

 stem cells in peripheral nerve ovine model, ITRT teknon

Source ITRT: Stem cell infusion into the biochamber containing both segments of the injured peripheral nerve.

ITRT and EGARSAT sponsored this study in an ovine model to assess the regenerative potential of adult stem cells when applied to damaged peripheral nerves.

It was conducted in the experimental operating theatre at UAB Hospital Clínico Veterinario and was previously approved and subsequently monitored by the University's Human and Animal Research Ethics Committee.

It involved creating 1 cm defects in sheep nerves (radial and tibial). At the same time, bone marrow was obtained, from which the stem cells were selected and cultured in the LAGENBIO laboratory at the University of Zaragoza's Veterinary Faculty.

Three weeks later, a further operation was performed consisting of enclosing the defect in a tube made of resorbable material (known as a biochamber), into which the cells were injected.

The results from the histopathological study 6 months after the treatment were satisfactory and have been presented at numerous national and international forums (see "NEWS") and published in the scientific journal "Injury".



Joaquim Casañas, Jaime de la Torre, Francesc Soler, Félix García, Clementina Rodellar, Martí Pumarola, Jana Climent, Robert Soler, Lluís Orozco.

Peripheral nerve regeneration after experimental section in ovine radial and tibial nerves using synthetic nerve grafts, including expanded bone marrow mesenchymal cells: morphological and neurophysiological results.

Injury, Int. J. Care Injured 45 S4 (2014) S2-S6



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