Osteoarthritis (equine animal model)

Artrocopia en equino, estudio del ITRT artrosis

ITRT photo: Equine arthroscopy. UAB Hospital Clínico Veterinario

This equine clinical trial was sponsored by ITRT and EGARSAT. It was conducted following the granting of the required authorisation under the supervision of the Independent Ethics Committees of the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona (UAB) and under surgical conditions that met the applicable standards in human clinical practice.

The UAB Hospital Clínico Veterinario initially conducted  bone marrow aspiration from the sternum under sedation. This was then processed by the Department of Chemical Engineering, under the management of Prof. F. Gòdia. The selection and culture of the mesenchymal stem cells was conducted in this department, andthree weeks later, the cell product was infused in one of the two hocks. Saline solution was injected into the contralateral control joint.

The reaction of all the horses was similar. The injected joint became briefly inflamed but spontaneously resolved itself. From that point, lameness in the treated leg ceased while remaining constant in the contralateral joint.Being a safety study, the horses were sacrificed at 6 months, with the full necroscopic study revealing no abnormalities.


Última actualización: 25/10/2019