Osteoarthritis (MSV)

Stem cells in culture photo from IBGM - ITRT

Photo IBGM: Mesenchymal stem cells in culture

The knee joint is particularly affected by osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis of the knee can occur either as a result of previous injury or the degenerative process associated with ageing.

This trial was sponsored by Fundación Teknon and received funding from the Spanish Government as part of the 2010 "Support for Health Research Projects" plan. It was conducted by using IBGM cell culture methods (University of Valladolid and CSIC) and included 12  patients with osteoarthritis, grades II  to IV, 8 of whom had a history of meniscus and/or ligament surgery.

The procedure tested does not require hospital admission. The first stage involves aspirating bone marrow from the pelvic bone under local anaesthetic and mild sedation. The cell therapy laboratory then selects and cultures the bone marrow stem cells for 3 weeks. After that time the product, comprising 40 million cells, is administered by intra-articular injection. This is done in the operating theatre, but no anaesthetic or hospital admission are necessary.

Changes in the joint cartilage were assessed through quantitative determination by magnetic resonance imaging, using the Cartigram® procedure. The results of this trial are considered to be highly satisfactory and have been published in the scientific journal Transplantation, where they take over the entire front page.

The Spanish Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices regularly authorises the research team to continue to use stem cell therapy to treat osteoarthritis of the knee under their supervision, and restricted to suitably selected patients

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