Osteoarthritis (ovine animal model)

estudio en ovino sobre artrosis BST ITRT

ITRT photo: Behaviour in ovine clinical study. Ultrasound-guided cell injection into the joint.

The Blood and Tissue Bank (BST) conducted preliminary studies to assess the behaviour of stem cells injected into joints affected by joint and meniscus cartilage damage. Before testing in humans, an ovine animal model was applied, conducted at the Hospital Clínico Veterinario of the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. The cell selection and culture procedures were conducted by the university's Department of Chemical Engineering.

The positive results of the study revealed significant differences between joints treated with cells versus the untreated control joints.

Keeping in mind that a period of more than 6 months was required before observing any regenerative change, damaged joint cartilage showed signs of recovery with hyaline appearance, and the damaged free edges of the menisci showed complete regeneration. The effect was considered to be dose-dependent: the greater the quantity of cells injected, the better the outcome.


Última actualización: 25/10/2019