Stem Cells Treatments

tratamiento de la artrosis de rodilla con celulas madreTreatment of osteoarthritis of the knee

Osteoarthritis is a disorder caused by wear and tear on the joint cartilage and can affect any joint in the body causing varying degrees of pain and deformity. It can often progress slowly...

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tratamiento de la discopatia lumbar con celulas madreTreatment of lumbar disc disease

The Institute for Regenerative Medicine ITRT, a pioneer in clinical research and stem cell therapy, has confirmed that adult stem cells are appropriate for use in the treatment...

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tratamiento de la pseudoartrosis atrofica con celulas madre Treatment of pseudoarthrosis

Now that animal studies, preliminary trials on bone tissue and the phase IIa trial have all been completed with satisfactory results, the AEMPS continues to...

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tratamiento de la osteonecrosis de cabeza de femur Treatment of osteonecrosis

Osteonecrosis of the femoral head usually affects men aged 40 to 60. In half of the cases the condition is bilateral, and very often...

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Última actualización: 26/11/2019