Humeral pseudarthrosis (2)

Atrophic pseudarthrosis of the distal humerus operated on twice. The osteosynthesis material was broken and detached.

Treatment consisted of removing the material from the previous attempts at osteosynthesis, with some remains being left that were not significant for the healing process. Curettage of the pseudarthrosis focal point and new plate osteosynthesis. Application of bone graft made from autologous bone marrow-derived stem cells expanded with Aastrom Replicell bioreactor included in granules of beta-tricalcium phosphate and enveloped with autologous fibrin.

The stabilisation achieved was considered to be precarious, as one of the two screws anchored in the distal segment was being held only in a cortical segment. If consolidation was not achieved quickly, the material would have failed again; however, radiographic follow-up showed healing at 4 months. Successive check-ups showed callus remodelling.

(The sequence only shows lateral  views to optimise the display size of the images)

Última actualización: 14/11/2018