Tibial pseudarthrosis (1)

Pseudarthrosis of distal tibia. Patient had intermediate triangular fragment with signs of necrosis and some elements of broken and detached osteosynthesis material. The fibula had consolidated.

Treatment consisted of removing the osteosynthesis material, moderate decortication at the non-union site and new osteosynthesis adapted to the shape of the pseudarthrosis. Lastly, the bone graft formed by autologous bone marrow stem cells processed with the Aastrom Replicell bioreactor included in granules of beta-tricalcium phosphate and enveloped with autologous plasma clot was applied. Radiographic follow-up revealed that consolidation was achieved 3 months after the surgery and the patient was able to return to work.

(The sequence only shows anterior-posterior views to optimise the display size of the images)

Última actualización: 25/10/2019