Tibial pseudarthrosis (3)

Patient with one-year history of pseudarthrosis in both tibias who had undergone conservative therapy, plaster cast and external fixation.
Treatment in both limbs consisted of curettage of the pseudarthrosis focal point, plate osteosynthesis and the insertion of a bone graft comprising autologous bone marrow stem cells, selected and expanded with the Aastrom Replicell bioreactor at the Blood and Tissue Bank (BST) + tricalcium phosphate granules + autologous plasma clot. Two separate surgical procedures were performed.
Consolidation was confirmed at 6 months. After one year, the patient was able to return to work at the quarry.
The photo on the right shows the appearance of the limb and range of movement of the foot and ankle 24 hours after surgery without the use of anti-inflammatories. This is due to the modulating effect of the mesenchymal stem cells.

(The intermediate radiographic sequence only shows lateral images to optimise the on-screen display.)

Última actualización: 14/11/2018